Galenus Journal suggest towards submitting muniscripts to follow the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.

• The text should be typed on one side of paper sized 216 x 279 mm (8-1/2 χ 11in) ISO Α4 (212 χ 297 mm), with indexing at least 25 mm (1 in) and double spacing throughout. Every chapter should begin at a new page with the following format: page's header, abstract and keywords, text, acknowledgements, references,diagrams and tables (each table in separate page) and legends. Images should not be greater than 203 x 254 mm (8 χ l0 in).

• The context, clarity and linguistic presentation of a paper are the responsibility of he author(s).

• Two copies of the paper should be submitted along with the original one. We also request if possible to submit a floppy disc with a soft copy of a paper in QuarkXPress ή Word format. Papers authored or co-authored by members of the Syntax of Advisory committee should be accompanied by a letter where these members verify that this paper "is considered to be publishable"



The text: pages should be organised into chapters. Latin names, words should be written in lower case letters except the first letter. Bibliography references should follow the Vancuver system, i.e. they should be numbered according to the sequence they appear on the text. They should be show using arabic numbers in brackets.

Bibliography Index: The reference of the text should numbered in the the order they are refered on the text.Abbreviations of journal titles should follow the List of Journal Indexed of Index Medicus. (which is available at

Papers in Journals: All authors should be included in they are six or less.
In cases of more than six authors, the first six names should be included followed by "el al", title of the paper, name of the Journal, year, issue and page numbers.

When a journal follows a page numbers sequence, the month and issue number may be omitted.

Supplementary isue: Authors, paper's title, title of the Journal, year, issue, page numbers.

Books: Authors' names, book title, edition, city, publisher and year.

Chapter in a boo: Authors' name in the right order, title of the chapter, publishers, book title, edition, city, year and page numbers in the book.


Black and white photo prints-outs are acceptable in size near 127*173 mm but not greater than 203*254 mm. Letters, numbers and symbols should be typed clearly with the right size for shrinking. At the back the number, authors and the title should be noted with an indication (arrow) regarding the top part. If photos of patients are used, the persons should not be recognisable. Each photo should be submitted twice. Legends for diagrams should be typed in double spacing at a spearate page with arabic numbers following the numbering of indices. When symbols or special characters are used, their definition must be given. Measurement Units: Measurement Units should be according to the international standards (International System of Units ; S.I.).

Abbreviations- Symbols: Only well-known abbreviations should be used
They should be avoided on the title and the abstract of the paper
A special list with explanations of the abbreviations should also be submitted.

 Ethical Issues
When reporting experiments on human subjects, authors should indicate whether the  procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible   committee on human experimentation and with the 1975  Helsinki Declaration.
Patient names, numbers and first letters should not be shown, especially when visual  media are used.
When reporting experiments on animals, authors should indicate whether the  institutional and national guide for the care and use of laboratory animals was   followed.

Submission and publication of papers

A paper submitted for publication to Galenus Journal should be accompanied by a letter declaring that:
a) The paper has been read and approved by its authors
b) It has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere
c) It was/was not funded under a financial source or programme
d) the name, address and telephone number of the author representing the rest for correspondance.

• The Journal is managed by an independent scientific committee consisting of full university professors

• The referees are distinguished University professors and ESY directors

• Every paper is refered by two members and in case of disagreement by a third member
The referees check the structure and scientific integrity of the paper and provide their remarks for publication, corrections, supplementary work or rejection. In every case, the authors are informed, justified reasoning for the feedback and further suggestions/directions are given.



• Any copies are prepaid by the return of the paper

• With inform the readers of our hournal of the Galenus Medical Journal email address: and the webiste address: