Galenus Medical Journal publishes scientific papers, reviews, research works, clinical studies, interestic cases, informational papers, updates and special issues, round table discussions, seminars, bibliographies, lectures, book reviews,letters to the editor, announcement of forthcoming conferences etc. Its founding purpose is the inform doctors of all specialities and the prmotion of the clinical and scientific work.

They are written by one or exceptionally two authors if the subjects demands authors of two specialities. They consist of a complete analysis of a subject and include all trends, particularly underlying the modern views. They aim to the complete scientific education of dcotrs in a specific issue. The authors are established in their domain and base their analysis and conclusions on the objective review of international bibliography.

Research Works:
They include a brief introduction outlining the reasons for undergoing this research and its aims. They describe the material and the techniques used by the researcher. They list the results of the research, compare them with results of other similar works and point to potential new assumptions. The abstract in greek and english should be self-contained and include the objective, methods, results and conclusions.

Clinical Studies:

They include an introduction, the material (cases of patients), discussion, greek and english abstract and bibliography index. In these the experience of the author(s) for a group of patients is presented.

Interesting cases:
They outline rare or completely new deseases or syndroms. They are completed with diagnostic criteria and possibly with the therapeutical method applied. In the discussion, the originality or rareness of the desease is proven and the relative bibliography is reviewed.

Special Issues:
They refer to various issues related to medicine that cannot be classified under any other category of papers and they do not have a special structure.