Galenus with the subtitle "Medical Journal of pathology, surgey and other specialities - Abstracts of international bibliography" was first published in Thessaloniki in 1959 by Dr. H. ATHANASIADIS. The Journal had a scientific committee and scientific partners. Apart from its scientific articles, the Journal published other articles such as distinguished greek doctors, interesting articles, article of the practical doctor, news of the Medical Society of Thessaloniki, abstracts from the international bibliography, book reviews etc.

In 1968 the owhership and management changes and continues under N. MIHALOPOULOS (non-doctor) and with a new subtitle "Bimonthly Greek Medical Journal", a new structure of contents (by category of paper) and new scientific committee and scientific partners. The Editing Committee consisted of Aristotle University full professors, assistant professors with their mission the complete scientific review of the submitted papers.

On April 1987, C.G.Stasinopoulos Neurologist-Psychatrist, undertakes the management of the Journal. C.G.Stasinopoulos continues the publication under the VANCUVER system, and expands the editing committee thus making evident to the medical world that GALENUS is a liberal post for the scientific presence of Every doctor, Greek or not.

It the only Medical Journal that is not associated to any corporation, society or any other club. The presence of C.G.Stasinopoulos in ownership-editing administration and the modernisation of the edition (electronic edition, in-time distribution, careful and quality publishing work of MAINDROS publishing company) guarrantee the distinguished presence of the journal in the medical world whose demand and contribution seal this effort and perspective.